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Date NameType
1/1MondayNew Year's DayRegular Holiday
1/23TuesdayFirst Philippine Republic DaySpecial Working Day
2/8ThursdayLailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj
Common local holiday
2/9FridayLunar New Year HolidaySpecial Non-working Holiday
2/10SaturdayLunar New Year's DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
2/25SundayPeople Power AnniversaryObservance
3/12TuesdayRamadan Start Observance
3/20WednesdayMarch EquinoxSeason
3/28ThursdayMaundy ThursdayRegular Holiday
3/29FridayGood FridayRegular Holiday
3/30SaturdayBlack SaturdaySpecial Non-working Holiday
3/31SundayEaster SundayObservance
4/9TuesdayThe Day of ValorRegular Holiday
Regular Holiday
5/1WednesdayLabor DayRegular Holiday
6/12WednesdayIndependence DayRegular Holiday
6/17MondayEid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) Regular Holiday
6/18TuesdayEid al-Adha Day 2Common local holiday
6/21FridayJune SolsticeSeason
7/8MondayAmun JadidMuslim, Common local holiday
8/21WednesdayNinoy Aquino DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
8/26MondayNational Heroes DayRegular Holiday
9/3TuesdayYamashita Surrender DaySpecial Working Day
9/8SundayFeast of the Nativity of MarySpecial Working Day
9/16MondayMaulid un-Nabi Common local holiday
9/22SundaySeptember EquinoxSeason
11/1FridayAll Saints' DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
11/2SaturdayAll Souls' DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
11/30SaturdayBonifacio DayRegular Holiday
12/8SundayFeast of the Immaculate ConceptionSpecial Non-working Holiday
12/21SaturdayDecember SolsticeSeason
12/24TuesdayChristmas EveSpecial Non-working Holiday
12/25WednesdayChristmas DayRegular Holiday
12/30MondayRizal DayRegular Holiday
12/31TuesdayNew Year's EveSpecial Non-working Holiday
1/1WednesdayNew Year's DayRegular Holiday
1/23ThursdayFirst Philippine Republic DaySpecial Working Day
1/27MondayLailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj (Tentative Date)Common local holiday
1/29WednesdayLunar New Year's DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
2/25TuesdayPeople Power AnniversarySpecial Non-working Holiday
3/1SaturdayRamadan Start (Tentative Date)Observance
3/20ThursdayMarch EquinoxSeason
3/31MondayEidul-Fitar (Tentative Date)Regular Holiday
4/9WednesdayThe Day of ValorRegular Holiday
4/17ThursdayMaundy ThursdayRegular Holiday
4/18FridayGood FridayRegular Holiday
4/19SaturdayBlack SaturdaySpecial Non-working Holiday
4/20SundayEaster SundayObservance
5/1ThursdayLabor DayRegular Holiday
6/7SaturdayEid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) (Tentative Date)Regular Holiday
6/8SundayEid al-Adha Day 2 (Tentative Date)Common local holiday
6/12ThursdayIndependence DayRegular Holiday
6/21SaturdayJune SolsticeSeason
6/27FridayAmun JadidMuslim, Common local holiday
8/21ThursdayNinoy Aquino DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
8/25MondayNational Heroes DayRegular Holiday
9/3WednesdayYamashita Surrender DaySpecial Working Day
9/5FridayMaulid un-Nabi (Tentative Date)Common local holiday
9/8MondayFeast of the Nativity of MarySpecial Working Day
9/23TuesdaySeptember EquinoxSeason
11/1SaturdayAll Saints' DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
11/2SundayAll Souls' DayObservance
11/30SundayBonifacio DayRegular Holiday
12/8MondayFeast of the Immaculate ConceptionSpecial Non-working Holiday
12/21SundayDecember SolsticeSeason
12/24WednesdayChristmas EveSpecial Non-working Holiday
12/25ThursdayChristmas DayRegular Holiday
12/30TuesdayRizal DayRegular Holiday
12/31WednesdayNew Year's EveSpecial Non-working Holiday

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